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Faith joined Facebook in 2008 and never looked back.  Since then, she’s helped folks just like you get the most out of social media, both professionally and personally.  She draws from her Ivy League background as a musician and educator to orchestrate intelligent social marketing campaigns with impact.  She understands the power of social media to build relationships and to connect the world.

In fact, Faith dreams of traveling the world, eating well and posting about it.  Follow her Instagram for foodie travels a bit closer to home.

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tea mug iconAbout our logo:

Faith developed a penchant for a good cup of tea during her travels in the United Kingdom, and has been known over the years to brew high-quality, whole leaf tea sourced from around the world in a French press carafe at her desk.  She realized early on that some of the best conversations in life happen over a good cup of tea (or coffee, though she’s not much of a coffee drinker).

Coincidentally, she also discovered that some of the most interesting online conversations happen on social media.  Faith strives to foster those meaningful, valuable conversations in all of her social media work.  (Powered by a good cup of tea, of course.)  Our logo/icon reflects that intersection of tea and the digital world.

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