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Happy Hour — Let’s Get Happy

Happy Hour — Let’s Get Happy

Happy Hour — Let’s Get Happy

happy hour

Henlopen City Oyster House, Rehoboth Beach DE


My husband likes to eat cheap.  I like to eat well.  Between the two of us, we’ve discovered that we can get both via Happy Hour.  For the uninitiated, Happy Hour (HH) is a special offered at a restaurant or bar, usually in the late afternoon through early evening and involves food and drink discounts for a limited time frame.  Typical HHs run from 4 PM to 6 or 7 PM, with a $10 (or less) menu of appetizers, drinks and/or cocktails.  At the end of a long day (or week) of work, there’s nothing better than a great meal at a great price–especially when you can enjoy it with good company.

We live in Howard County in Maryland, where there are an abundance of good restaurants and bars.  We’ve spent the last 7 years exploring and discovering HHs in this area and beyond.  Some of them are worth returning to; others, not so much.  We tend to favor the establishments that offer GOOD and interesting food (usually involving local, seasonal fare), a decent wine list, and a variety of drink specials.

This blog will document our HH experiences, as well as a few other foodie adventures.  We’ll post about our favorite spots around here AND around the region.  We look forward to your comments and most especially, your HH recommendations for us to try!   Some places are really good at promoting their HHs; others seem to enjoy keeping it a secret.  So if you know of a place we should try, let us know in the comment section below.  And tell us why you like that place.  We’re always looking for new HHs to check out.  If you’re a restaurant owner and you’d like us to check out your HH, let us know!


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