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Happy Hour: On the Road in Alaska

Happy Hour:  On the Road in Alaska

Happy Hour: On the Road in Alaska

Travels in Alaska, Part 2.

In my previous post, I mentioned my adventure on the Kenai River.  Mode of transport: my cousin’s recreational vehicle; or more commonly known as an RV.  If you’ve never traveled in an RV, I highly recommend it.  And I highly recommend sitting in the front seat–especially if you are driving through particularly scenic countryside.  The “cockpit” of an RV has enormous windows that make you feel as if you are viewing everything in an IMAX theater.

Imagine driving an RV through the last frontier state of the US.  Enter: virtually untouched natural landscapes visible everywhere you look.  You don’t see this stuff in the Lower 48.

Kenai Lake, Alaska

Kenai Lake, Alaska

Those are glaciers off in the distance, nestled in between the mountain peaks.  Some of the nearby lakes contain glacial runoff, producing the most remarkable shade of blue.  Like this one, fed by the Portage Glacier:

Portage Lake, Alaska

Portage Lake, Alaska

Here’s a closer shot of an actual glacier, seen while traveling south on Seward Highway:

Alaskan glacier, Seward Highway

Alaskan glacier

Yes, it is true that these glaciers have been retreating or melting in recent years, due to climate change.  So I encourage everyone to see these natural wonders for yourselves, sooner rather than later and while they still exist.

Dramatic scenery aside, who doesn’t love a good road trip?  I will fondly remember this one for the uninterrupted quality time I spent with my cousins, singing at the top of our lungs to my 80’s music playlist, and stopping for uniquely Alaskan mini-mart fare like this:

Jack Link's meat dispenser

(Those are unwrapped, smoked, un-named meat jerky snacks inside that plastic countertop dispenser.  Presented without comment.)

More on uniquely Alaskan fare in my next post.  I promise.  🙂

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