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Happy Hour: The Food Kryptonite List

Happy Hour:  The Food Kryptonite List

Happy Hour: The Food Kryptonite List

Confession time:  I have a Food Kryptonite List.

On this list are foods that are universally deemed unhealthy for you, but are personally deemed irresistable.  I have high cholesterol, so much of my Kryptonite List is rich, high-fat content foods.  But YUM.

The List items change order from time to time, but usually at the top of the List is fried chicken.  I love fried chicken.  If I could, I would eat it until it came out of my pores.  I dutifully try to avoid it, but if it’s on the menu or is the main part of a meal, then resistance is futile.  I’ve even resorted to cooking a panko-crusted, oven-baked version at home to cut down on the fat.  Still, not a great substitute for the real deal.  Give me some real fried chicken (bone-in thigh, please) with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a buttermilk biscuit, and I’m a pretty happy camper.

My Food Kryptonite List also includes (again, in no particular order):

  • doughnuts or any fried dough, including funnel cake
  • bacon and/or pork belly (see picture above)
  • creamed chipped beef
  • canned corned beef (It’s a Filipino thing.  Don’t judge.)
  • any pasta in alfredo sauce
  • pate or fois gras
  • biscuits and gravy
  • Lucky Charms cereal

Methinks each Kryptonite item merits its own post…  Until then, follow me on Instagram for more foodie & Food Kryptonite pics.

A note about the lucious pork belly picture above:  this is from The Rumor Mill in historic Ellicott City.  It’s described as “slow-roasted pork belly sautéed till crisp & served with bacon marmalade, 48-hour apple-sage sauce, crispy leeks & mustard caviar”.  Basically: big bacon slab with bacon jelly.   Cholesterol be damned.  How can you resist??

What’s on YOUR Food Kryptonite List?

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